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Seong-Young Her

This is a Category Document: it’s a living note that I regularly add to, unlike articles, which are stable.

Last updated 2022-04-03

Pages Attached to Politics

  • On Circlejerk Chicago School of Countercultural Inquiry
    The logic of capitalism is reproduced in online communities as circlejerks, where quantified affirmation supplants monetary profit. Like capitalism, democratized Internet culture is inadequate to its own promise of freedom. Originally published in 2017.
  • President Park's Corruption Cult Seong-Young Her
  • On Vectoralism & the Meme Alliance's General Strike Anonymous
    We have seen in recent months the blossoming of a protest movement in Weird Facebook, a Meme Alliance of users and memepages wearing pink profile-pictures -- Facebook flags upside-down, signaling S.O.S. -- demanding satisfaction for Zuckerberg’s censorship of their content via automated moderation systems. Though their efforts have served as a coming-out of sorts for meme-scene activists, the failure of the Meme Alliance’s tactics to register demands a reconsideration of the terrain of struggle.
  • The Structures of Hyperspatial Politics Samuel Tannert
    Sites of content production in Web 2.0 are strategic assets which make up the terrain of political conflict in hyperspace.
  • Creeps, Tweeps, & the Limits of Social Media Freedom Anonymous
    We are faced not with a conflict of political affinity, but instead a problem grounded in a disagreement over whether the design of platforms can substitute for social norms: does digital freedom find its limits at the codework constraints of social media sites, in their manmade spaces of programmed possibility, or can digital freedom only exist in the presence of a robust, just, and enforced set of social norms?
  • See the Problem? Mike M.
    The problem is causality. And no: shouting at me won’t make it less true.
  • A Tale of Two Healthcare Narratives Seong-Young Her
    Some conservatives claim that the free market saved Korea from COVID-19. I argue that it was Korea's Confucian democracy and technological environment that helped them contain the pandemic, not the lack of supply side regulation.