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Seong-Young Her

This is a Category Document: it’s a living note that I regularly add to, unlike articles, which are stable.

Last updated 2022-04-03

Pages Attached to Philosophy

  • An Internet Koan Seong-Young Her
    I just found a really strange website where a guy claims Zen is a scam and that he's figured out how to solve any koan. He even provides a Free Zen Riddle and Koan Service through which you can email him a koan and receive an answer.
  • A School of Internet Philosophy Seong-Young Her
    I think there's a school of ‘Internet philosophy’ like there is continental philosophy or Anglo-American philosophy, with its own dominant interests and a unique style of discourse. I'm trying to figure out what this consists of. It's a combination of demographics, dominant areas of interest (both within and without strict philosophy) and conventions and canons unique to the school.
  • How to Digitally Coauthor Articles In Philosophy Class Seong-Young Her
    A group assignment activity for philosophy students at the undergraduate level, which can be applied in tandem with existing curricula. Consists of a way to standardise the work of each individual student such that each student’s contributions to the group assignment fits in seamlessly with the other team members’ contributions, and a way to apply the system to the specific course material being assessed.
  • Postnaturalism Seong-Young Her
    All technology exerts some epistemic influence on the observer, and this is often epistemologically relevant; the proper function of philosophy is to study the epistemic effect of technology, and to design and produce epistemically useful technology; localised agreements rather than shared beliefs, entailed by the use of common technology, are sufficient foundations for philosophical discourse.