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Jeremy Cahill (Metamer) Dismissed for Serious Misconduct

By The Philosopher's Meme on 14 June 2021

JCC dismissed for serious misconduct

GME Frenzy Hints At the New Stage of Memecultures

By Seong-Young Her on 02 February 2021

A central theme of post-2015 memecultures was the gamification of memes. This gave rise to Facebook memepages as well as a "meme president". Post-2020 memecultures now struggle with the challenge of the cope, which is an inevitable consequence of creating new games with a loss condition.

2010's Decade Review, Part 2: Memetaphysics Through Three Lenses

By Seong-Young Her on 09 October 2020

In this article, I explore the new metaphysics of memes that developed throughout the 2010s. I use three distinct perspectives to approach this vast subject matter: time; place; and, process.

A Tale of Two Healthcare Narratives

By Seong-Young Her on 16 March 2020

Some conservatives claim that the free market saved Korea from COVID-19. I argue that it was Korea's Confucian democracy and technological environment that helped them contain the pandemic, not the lack of supply side regulation.

Jjalbang (짤방), the Korean Meme

By Seong-Young Her on 07 January 2020

Fundamental Concepts In International Meme Studies: Jjalbang, the Korean Meme

2010's Decade Review, Part 1: The Origin of 2010's Memecultures

By Seong-Young Her on 04 January 2020

The importance of the 2010's to meme history was not in its novelty but its scale. During the 2010's, the world reached a cultural boiling point as the underground spilled out irreversibly into the mainstream and destroyed the boundaries between the two.

All Memes Are From the Future

By Seong-Young Her on 12 October 2019

All memes are from the future: the literate memer anticipates that the meme will spread and change in meaning depending on where it gets reposted.

The Memetic Bottleneck

By Seong-Young Her on 05 April 2019

Like a panel in a highly networked version of the Infinite Canvas, every meme is both a potential bottleneck and a possible choice. Since the sense that every meme has a preceding meme is essential to the appreciation of memes, the memetic bottleneck works in the inverse direction of the narrative bottleneck, generating potential pasts. To choose a meme to post is to choose which game to play with the audience. More significantly, it is to choose which save file to load up: it's scenario editing of history, conditioned on current mood.