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Game Studies

Seong-Young Her

This is a Category Document: it’s a living note that I regularly add to, unlike articles, which are stable.

Last updated 2022-04-03

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  • GamerGate As Metagaming Seong-Young Her
    GamerGaters were correct in their assessment of gaming culture and the games industry precisely because of the conspiracy theoretical nature of their campaign.
  • The Memetic Bottleneck Seong-Young Her
    Like a panel in a highly networked version of the Infinite Canvas, every meme is both a potential bottleneck and a possible choice. Since the sense that every meme has a preceding meme is essential to the appreciation of memes, the memetic bottleneck works in the inverse direction of the narrative bottleneck, generating potential pasts. To choose a meme to post is to choose which game to play with the audience. More significantly, it is to choose which save file to load up: it's scenario editing of history, conditioned on current mood.
  • Memes Are Not Jokes, They Are Diagram-Games Seong-Young Her
    The meme means different things to different viewers as a matter of degrees, not a matter of either getting the joke or missing it, or reading it ironically or not.
  • Twitch Plays Pokemon, the Meme Scene, & the Project of Hyperspace Anonymous
    I stayed up all night, again, playing Pokemon Red with the Internet hivemind; ~60,000 monkeys banging on keyboards: up/down/left/right/a/b/start. The 3rd Millennium has brought with it endless possibilities for collective experience and, therefore, endless experiments in mass-politics. Each new project offers a different method for the users to organize their world through action, and each new project propels itself by bringing order to those actions
  • Hotline Miami and player complicity Mike M.
    Do you like hurting other people?
  • Undertale Review Mike M.
    Undertale is a game that's very difficult to convince people to play, which is a huge shame because it's probably one of the most affecting games produced in the last 10 years.