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Seong-Young Her

This is a Category Document: it’s a living note that I regularly add to, unlike articles, which are stable.

Last updated 2022-04-03

Pages Attached to History

  • Jeremy Cahill (Metamer) Dismissed for Serious Misconduct The Philosopher's Meme
    JCC dismissed for serious misconduct
  • 2010's Decade Review, Part 2: Memetaphysics Through Three Lenses Seong-Young Her
    In this article, I explore the new metaphysics of memes that developed throughout the 2010s. I use three distinct perspectives to approach this vast subject matter: time; place; and, process.
  • Jjalbang (짤방), the Korean Meme Seong-Young Her
    Fundamental Concepts In International Meme Studies: Jjalbang, the Korean Meme
  • 2010's Decade Review, Part 1: The Origin of 2010's Memecultures Seong-Young Her
    The importance of the 2010's to meme history was not in its novelty but its scale. During the 2010's, the world reached a cultural boiling point as the underground spilled out irreversibly into the mainstream and destroyed the boundaries between the two.
  • Know Your Meme: Magibon Seong-Young Her
    The notion of authenticity in online celebrities is concurrent with the notion of authenticity in Internet memes (cf. forced memes) mimics the notion of authenticity in fictional characters (cf. fanon).
  • The Meta-Ironic Era Seong-Young Her
    In 2017, at the time of writing, most readers will find it difficult to imagine how different the dynamics of the meme community were in 2014. The sum of every memepage at the time, duplicates or no, was far smaller than a single large memepage active today.
  • Facebook Groups Seong-Young Her & Masha Zharova
    This article focuses on the ironic meme community and the geography of Facebook memepages.
  • From Outrage to Dicks Out to Dead Celebrity: The Evolution of the Great Ape Harambe Thomas Rososchansky
    ‘R.I.P. Harambe’ no longer means R.I.P. Harambe, but rather, ‘we remember a dead fictional being based off a real dead being inside of a living meme’.
  • long boys never grow up Isaac van Bakel & Ulysses King
    Where have all the Long Boys gone? (Plus an exclusive interview with Special Meme Fresh)
  • Death of a Meme? Thomas Rososchansky
    If you have an Internet connection, then you must have noticed how Leonardo DiCaprio’s face and name have infected your computer like some celebratory virus. Everyone is talking about Leo.
  • A Golden Age of Meme Pages and the Microcosm of Art History Seong-Young Her
  • Misattributed Plato Quote Is Real Now Seong-Young Her
    It seems to me that 'quotes' such as these which become canon in the public psyche take on a special kind of force that highlights the close relationship between truth and beauty, as well as the fact that the two are not one and the same--although (I hope you will agree) truth is often beautiful, and there is always some truth in beauty.