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Memes, Jokes & Visual Puns

By Masha Zharova on 27 March 2018

A basic framework for understanding the interplay between visual structure, conceptual organization, visual perception and meaning-making in collage memes that don't contain any text.

The Interpretation of Memes

By Mikhail Conrad Nacua on 05 February 2018

What I have here is a modest proposal to talk about the more obvious quality of memes as microexpressions of how we think about character, narrative and imagery. This is about when memes act as images of human action.

Kandinsky and Loss

By S. Y. Her on 04 December 2017

Tracing back techniques used in memes to modern art is a safe bet, because it's only natural that memers will use whatever tools are available to make better memes.

When You Drink [water]

By S. Y. Her on 14 November 2017

Post-ironic memes are great because they are meaningful. Meaningful memes bring us closer to the dream of the timeless meme, just like early comics artists who aspired towards serious literature with an ostensibly unserious medium.

Defining ‘Normie’, ‘Casual’, ‘Ironist’ and ‘Autist’ In Internet Subcultures

By S. Y. Her on 27 March 2017

The Philosopher's Meme

Post-Irony against Meta-Irony

By S. Y. Her, Masha Zharova on 10 March 2017

The Ironic Meme Movement was a reaction against the mainstream co-option of the subcultural products of the underground; an attempt to create incorruptible inside jokes. The Ironics employed defensive strategies which paralleled that of the punks against the commercialization of their own subculture. Like the punks, they failed.

Trash Dove Is A Normie Meme

By S. Y. Her on 15 February 2017

Normies are users with low memetic literacy or fluency. Trash Dove is a normie meme. That might very well change in the future.

President Park's Corruption Cult

By S. Y. Her on 02 November 2016

The Philosopher's Meme