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Hotline Miami and player complicity

By Mike M. on 02 December 2015

Do you like hurting other people?

Undertale Review

By Mike M. on 30 November 2015

Undertale is a game that's very difficult to convince people to play, which is a huge shame because it's probably one of the most affecting games produced in the last 10 years.

A Short Note On Gondola

By S. Y. Her on 29 November 2015

There's a new meme becoming popular in the Anglosphere called Gondola. It's a derivative of Spurdo Sparde with no arms or dialogue, generally walking around in various scenes from classic artworks to everyday life. I think they could be most easily characterized in opposition to Pepe or Spurdo, both of whom are subversive in the classically Ironic Meme style of inappropriateness. Pepe will murder Wojak over and over while Spurdo will spout every satirizable position in misspelled and poorly drawn way possible. As usual, everyone's worry is about how normies will ruin Gondola. Not if or when; it's taken for granted that Gondola will become corrupted.

Bane, Loss and Phylogeny

By S. Y. Her on 26 November 2015

I have been developing a theory of Internet Memes, through which I hope to operationalize memetics for the scientific analysis of Internet Meme culture. Here is a case study I used to test and develop some of my models.

A Golden Age of Meme Pages and the Microcosm of Art History

By S. Y. Her on 03 November 2015

The history of the ironic meme movement presents a microcosmic example of the rise and fall of a postmodern artÔÇöcontemporary art historians have much to learn from its progression.

The Quadrant System for the Categorization of Internet Memes

By S. Y. Her on 03 November 2015

Memes are not just art they are art-concepts, necessarily materialized cybernetically. This means their analysis must always be two-tiered, firstly, memetic; secondly, aesthetic.

A Short Note On the Death of Pepe

By S. Y. Her on 14 September 2015

Honestly, I miss this meme. I guarantee that Pepe the Frog is going to become the biggest 'normie' meme of all time. It's popular with high school kids, who are basically the equivalent of university activists in the world of internet culture.

The Artist-Philosopher Manifesto

By S. Y. Her on 18 June 2015

We, the artists of the future, refuse to be the plaything of politics.