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The New Year's Memes

By Seong-Young Her on 03 January 2019

Memes are made by shitposters that live in the meatspace, which makes them affected by human schedules. It's a trivial point, but the schema of memes as semi-independent entities that float around on the sea of the Internet is too popular for this point not to be insightful.

The Memeticist's Challenge Remains Open

By Seong-Young Her on 15 November 2018

Seong's thesis on the memeticist's challenge (2018). Supervised by Diane Proudfoot and Douglas Campbell, and completed at the University of Canterbury.

Structure and Content in Drake-Style Templates

By Seong-Young Her on 11 September 2018

Two dimensions stand out that make the two templates the same: 1. the structure (aversion/affirmation) 2. the content (rappers in music videos)

Memes, Jokes & Visual Puns

By Masha Zharova on 27 March 2018

A basic framework for understanding the interplay between visual structure, conceptual organization, visual perception and meaning-making in collage memes that don't contain any text.

The Interpretation of Memes

By Mikhail Conrad Nacua on 05 February 2018

What I have here is a modest proposal to talk about the more obvious quality of memes as microexpressions of how we think about character, narrative and imagery. This is about when memes act as images of human action.

The design of a platform determines the kind of content produced

By Seong-Young Her on 15 December 2017

It's a great example of how shaky the definition of 'Internet meme' as 'a funny image or video clip' really is. Are these photos each a meme, or do they compose a single meme through being viewed together?

Know Your Meme: Magibon

By Seong-Young Her on 04 December 2017

The notion of authenticity in online celebrities is concurrent with the notion of authenticity in Internet memes (cf. forced memes) mimics the notion of authenticity in fictional characters (cf. fanon).

Kandinsky and Loss

By S. Y. Her on 04 December 2017

Tracing back techniques used in memes to modern art is a safe bet, because it's only natural that memers will use whatever tools are available to make better memes.