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President Park's Corruption Cult

By Seong-Young Her on 02 November 2016

The Philosopher's Meme

Twitch Plays Pokemon, the Meme Scene, & the Project of Hyperspace

By Anonymous on 27 October 2016

I stayed up all night, again, playing Pokemon Red with the Internet hivemind; ~60,000 monkeys banging on keyboards: up/down/left/right/a/b/start. The 3rd Millennium has brought with it endless possibilities for collective experience and, therefore, endless experiments in mass-politics. Each new project offers a different method for the users to organize their world through action, and each new project propels itself by bringing order to those actions

On Vectoralism & the Meme Alliance's General Strike

By Anonymous on 27 October 2016

We have seen in recent months the blossoming of a protest movement in Weird Facebook, a Meme Alliance of users and memepages wearing pink profile-pictures -- Facebook flags upside-down, signaling S.O.S. -- demanding satisfaction for Zuckerberg’s censorship of their content via automated moderation systems. Though their efforts have served as a coming-out of sorts for meme-scene activists, the failure of the Meme Alliance’s tactics to register demands a reconsideration of the terrain of struggle.

From Outrage to Dicks Out to Dead Celebrity: The Evolution of the Great Ape Harambe

By Thomas Rososchansky on 14 October 2016

‘R.I.P. Harambe’ no longer means R.I.P. Harambe, but rather, ‘we remember a dead fictional being based off a real dead being inside of a living meme’.

An Internet Koan

By Seong-Young Her on 13 May 2016

I just found a really strange website where a guy claims Zen is a scam and that he's figured out how to solve any koan. He even provides a Free Zen Riddle and Koan Service through which you can email him a koan and receive an answer.

Newfriends and the Generation Gap

By S. Y. Her on 13 May 2016

I was walking home from a friend's place yesterday when I saw a few children chasing each other and play fighting. As I walked past, I heard one tell the other, 'get wrecked!' I wondered whether they learned it from video games they play (my guess was either LoL or DotA, but it could be one of those FPSs) or from older kids (or perhaps, most befittingly, even older kids online!) they know such as their older siblings.

Creeps, Tweeps, & the Limits of Social Media Freedom

By Anonymous on 15 April 2016

We are faced not with a conflict of political affinity, but instead a problem grounded in a disagreement over whether the design of platforms can substitute for social norms: does digital freedom find its limits at the codework constraints of social media sites, in their manmade spaces of programmed possibility, or can digital freedom only exist in the presence of a robust, just, and enforced set of social norms?

See the Problem?

By Mike M. on 08 April 2016

The problem is causality. And no: shouting at me won’t make it less true.