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When You Drink [water]

By S. Y. Her on 14 November 2017

Post-ironic memes are great because they are meaningful. Meaningful memes bring us closer to the dream of the timeless meme, just like early comics artists who aspired towards serious literature with an ostensibly unserious medium.

Defining ‘Normie’, ‘Casual’, ‘Ironist’ and ‘Autist’ In Internet Subcultures

By S. Y. Her on 27 March 2017

The Philosopher's Meme

A School of Internet Philosophy

By Seong-Young Her on 27 March 2017

I think there's a school of ‘Internet philosophy’ like there is continental philosophy or Anglo-American philosophy, with its own dominant interests and a unique style of discourse. I'm trying to figure out what this consists of. It's a combination of demographics, dominant areas of interest (both within and without strict philosophy) and conventions and canons unique to the school.

Post-Irony against Meta-Irony

By S. Y. Her, Masha Zharova on 10 March 2017

The Ironic Meme Movement was a reaction against the mainstream co-option of the subcultural products of the underground; an attempt to create incorruptible inside jokes. The Ironics employed defensive strategies which paralleled that of the punks against the commercialization of their own subculture. Like the punks, they failed.

Trash Dove Is A Normie Meme

By S. Y. Her on 15 February 2017

Normies are users with low memetic literacy or fluency. Trash Dove is a normie meme. That might very well change in the future.

President Park's Corruption Cult

By S. Y. Her on 02 November 2016

The Philosopher's Meme

Twitch Plays Pokemon, the Meme Scene, & the Project of Hyperspace

By Anonymous on 27 October 2016

I stayed up all night, again, playing Pokemon Red with the Internet hivemind; ~60,000 monkeys banging on keyboards: up/down/left/right/a/b/start. The 3rd Millennium has brought with it endless possibilities for collective experience and, therefore, endless experiments in mass-politics. Each new project offers a different method for the users to organize their world through action, and each new project propels itself by bringing order to those actions

On Vectoralism & the Meme Alliance's General Strike

By Anonymous on 27 October 2016

We have seen in recent months the blossoming of a protest movement in Weird Facebook, a Meme Alliance of users and memepages wearing pink profile-pictures -- Facebook flags upside-down, signaling S.O.S. -- demanding satisfaction for Zuckerberg’s censorship of their content via automated moderation systems. Though their efforts have served as a coming-out of sorts for meme-scene activists, the failure of the Meme Alliance’s tactics to register demands a reconsideration of the terrain of struggle.