Meta-ironic shitposters are basically genestealers.


How ironists take over a normie meme using meta-irony:

  1. The seed of doubt about the grammatical rules of a meme is planted through deliberate, nonsensical misuse.
  2. Content primarily motivated by the desire to subvert the rules of the original meme is used for ironic reference humour.
  3. The ironic content is remixed with memes of the same kind and with normie memes, often simultaneously.
  4. The subversive, new rules become standardised through the sheer volume of exemplary content produced this way.
  5. Old content that followed the traditional rules is ironically reinterpreted and repurposed under the new rules.
  6. The new memes, with the new rules, replace the old memes with the old rules as the new standard.